Most of you do not receive the local or regional newspapers so here is a copy of what will be coming out in about one week.  As you know I am on the Board of Directors for the Fort Stanton Cave Study Project.  They are basically a group of talented scientists, mostly retired now.  We completed the book 12 Miles From Daylight in 2017.  This year during expedition time in addition to the usual team research and caving they have worked on installation of a new Museum exhibit.  No, these guys are not museum fabricators, but their work was amazing.  Take a look at the photos if you don’t have time to read all the details.  Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions or comments.  If you are in the area, do drop by.

New Fort Stanton Cave Exhibit WOWS Viewers

By Lynda A. Sánchez  (Public Outreach Liaison, FSCSP)

Every project or exhibit begins with a vision.  Next, a design plan and the individuals who will bring the vision to fruition are set in place. After days of planning and work, the men and women of the Fort Stanton Cave Study Project (FSCSP) and BLM Cave Specialist Knutt Peterson were ready for the next step and that was to install everything before the upcoming Fort Stanton LIVE! celebration in July. Would they meet that deadline?  Indeed they did with two hours to spare!

Each summer visitors from many parts of New Mexico and the Southwest convene at Fort Stanton for a special Fort Stanton LIVE! event. Men on horseback, re-enactors from military to Native American march, dance and educate folks as to how cannons were fired and frontier people lived. A wonderful museum, innumerable lectures, good food, music and many dedicated volunteers bring to life Fort Stanton history and our county’s heritage. To top it off, this year, 2019 is Lincoln County’s 150th Anniversary!

New exhibits enhanced the visitor experience at every turn.  One updated and completely renovated presentation was that created by the Fort Stanton Cave Study Project. . “BLM wanted to design a completely new exhibit for the public to learn about and experience Fort Stanton Cave.  There are informational panels along with unique displays and one “WOW” panel that attempts to give the true feeling of the beauty and rugged aspects of Fort Stanton Cave.  We had the talent, the photographs and a group of dedicated volunteers.” stated Peterson.

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 Left to right, Knutt Peterson, Ron Lipinski, Sam Bono and Steve Peerman finishing up one of the exhibit areas.  Photo by Pete Lindsley

“BLM funded the materials, Fort Stanton Inc. provided the space and the cavers with FSCSP along with Knutt Peterson of the BLM became carpenters and museum fabricators.” added Ron Lipinski.

One of the most exciting parts of the exhibit (besides the colorful panels showing various aspects of the cave, the exploration and the people involved) is a 7 x 10 foot high rendition of what it looks like walking into Snowy River and observing that it just never ends.  This was created by Dr. Ron Lipinski, and installed by Pete Lindsley, Ron and Knutt.

                        installation - Copy

Pete Lindsley appears to be on the Snowy River formation but

is actually in front of the “WOW” photo.  Photo by Ron Lipinski


“If they are not careful a person can almost get carried away walking into that panel.  It looks so real!” noted one excited tourist.

 Panel installation ( below)   Ron Lipinski adds finishing touches. Photo by Pete Lindsley.